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Escape Rooms by Franknicky is Sandusky’s most intense and unique live escape room experience. You and your team will have to navigate through a labyrinth of logical, physical, and investigative puzzles in order to find your way out. Whodini's is designed to provide a challenging and incredibly fun outlet for teams of all levels, but be warned, our rooms are quite realistic and FUN.


The Detective Agency

Whodini has received word that the Pinkerton Detectives are on to him and he has hired you and your crew to retrive the evidence they have against him. You have one chance to break in and retrieve the evidence before time runs out.

2 to 6 players


The Price is

$23 per person

reservations must be

made online


The Historical hubbard house. 134 E. adams st. sandusky, ohio


Coming This Summer

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