What is an escape room?

You and a group of friends (or strangers if you have not purchased all 6 tickets for that session) enter a new environment together. The group is given 60 minutes to work together to find the clues, solve the riddles, get the key, and escape. Escape artists, who run Escape Rooms by Franknicky, will confound your mind and excite your imagination. 

How many participants per session

We can have up to 6 players in ‘The Detective Agency and The Heist’ at a time.  You may be in a session with other people you do not know if you do not buy all six tickets.  The entire group is on the same team and are working toward escaping together.  If there are six tickets available for a session and only two tickets are purchased, the two guests will attempt to escape on their own.

How long should I plan for a Escape Rooms by Franknicky, start to end?

We suggest planning to spend 1 ½ hours at Escape Rooms by FranknickyEscape Rooms by Franknicky.  Guests should plan to arrive 10 minutes early to sign in.  The group will be in the room for up to 1 hour if they do not escape.  We suggest planning to spend another 15 minutes after the experience to celebrate all your triumphs, take photos, and collect your personal items.

What happens if I arrive late?

Doors will close at the exact time the room has been booked.  We suggest guests arrive 10 minutes early to make sure they are there before the experience begins. In case you are late, you can catch up with the other participants. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.

Where is Escape Rooms by Franknicky located?

We are located inside The Hubbard House 134 E. Adams Street Sandusky, Ohio.

What neighborhood restaurants do you recommend?

There are several with in walking distance.
Mona Pizza, Hot Dog Tony's, Small City Tap House, Mr. Smith's Coffee House, Zinc Brasserie Bistro, Port Sandusky, New Sandusky Fish Company, The Lunch Box, Daly's Pub, The Shore House Tavern, Grinder's Shoreline Park.

Where do I park?

There is a parking lot right across the street, and parking is free.

What should I bring with me?

Bring a sense of adventure, a willingness to try new things, patience, creativity, logical problem solving skills, and a sense of humor.  All the materials needed to answer the clues, riddles, and puzzles are inside the room.  Phones, bags, and other personal items can be stored on the back wall during the experience.

Can I organize a private event just for our group?

Private sessions can be scheduled anytime there are 6 tickets available for a regularly scheduled show date/time. If you would like to reserve a private time in advance or at a time not listed on our schedule, please e-mail or call 920-372-2731. There is no minimum number of guests for a private party, but the group must buy out the room which requires that all 6 tickets be purchased.  There is no way to reserve a room without buying tickets. Tickets are sold on a first come first serve basis.